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LA Magazine online: featured on "The Reading List" for June, 2010

Occidental College magazine: To be featured in Autumn Issue

The reviews are in!  BLANKET OF STARS is a powerful work that the critics are all talking about.

" and empathetic, interviews so authentic...a book that is also a tool to educate, inform, and spread compassion for an often-neglected group of people..." -- Publishers Weekly

"...elegantly humanizes these people whom we walk by on errands...not knowing what to do--and they have done something!"
-- Ann Zwicker Kerr, Coordinator, Fulbright Program at UCLA, author, painter

" voice and grace to women from various backgrounds and their journeys...women speak for homeless women everywhere..."
-- Palisadian Post

"It's a book that exposes the seamlessly seamy underbelly of a city that doesn't seem so dire until you take a glimpse of what the most vulnerable of its citizens deals with, day after crisis-heavy day."
-- LA Weekly

"...a mother-and-son collaboration about the women who live in the streets..." -- ShelfAwareness


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